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Our seed library is open during regular library hours and while the supply lasts.

Click the green square to see the list of what is available.

The Community Seed Connection lends seeds for borrowers to grow.

Ideally, borrowers will return saved seeds from those plants and help keep

the seed library sustainable. All seeds are divided into portions so as many individuals as possible can share them.

If you cannot return saved seeds, you are still welcome to take seeds. Please consider purchasing non-hybrid, open-pollinated seeds to donate.

Below you will find helpful brochures, reference sheets, and info for

growing a garden and saving seeds. Everything has been freely accumulated

from web resources.

The following links provide helpful information.


1.  FAQ

2.  Seed Borrowing/Returning Procedure

3.  Bibliography of Web Resources

4.  Seed Saving Information 

5.  Grow Out and Returning Seeds 

6.  Seed Families

Questions? Email us

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The seed library is available during regular library hours. It is entirely self-service. We do not hold seeds for people to pick up. 

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