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1868 - 1912

Our library was once on the site of the Pennsylvania Soldiers' Orphan School, which offered education and boarding for children whose fathers had been killed or maimed in the Civil War.

In 1900, a new infirmary (the current library) was built to house victims of a measles outbreak. The infirmary was built with identical yet separate doors and sleeping areas for boys and girls, giving it a unique shape.


1912 - 1951

After the Pennsylvania Soldiers' Orphan School closed in1912, the PA Academy of the Fine Arts purchased the Yellow Springs Property. Yellow Springs served as a natural setting where art students from the Academy could paint Impressionist works.

The Academy retained an English gardener, Edward Stedman, to build and maintain natural looking gardens on the property to serve as landscapes to be painted by the art students.

He lived in the current library during his time as caretaker.


1952 - 1974

After public favor had shifted from Impressionist art to Abstract art, the PA Academy of the Fine Arts sold the Yellow Springs property. A young filmmaker named Irvin Shortness "Shorty" Yeaworth Jr. purchased the property to house the production studios of his film company, Good News Productions, in 1952.

The company made Christian tiles but in 1957, Yeaworth had the idea for his first major film, The BLOB. The movie was filmed throughout Chester County, with production centered at Yellow Springs.

The cast stayed on site and a young actor named Steve McQueen honeymooned in the library with his bride Neile Adams.

Library History

Yeaworth house front.jpg

1971 - 2006

In 1974, Good News Productions closed, and Mr. Yeaworth's parents lived on the property. It became known as the Yeaworth House.

lincoln .jpg

1974 - 2016

Founded in 1974, the Chester Springs Library was originally located in the Lincoln Building, down the road from our current location.


2016 - Present

In 2016, the building was gutted and renovated to become the Chester Springs Library with funds from West Pikeland Township and the Friends of Chester Springs Library.

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