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NEW! Seed Library @ CSL

Updated: May 4, 2019

Q: What is the Community Seed Connection @ Chester Springs Library?

A: It is a community seed library for lending seeds, and for borrowers to return seeds from the

plants they have grown. All seeds have been donated and portioned out so many people

can borrow them. Therefore, it is not a complete source of seed for an entire garden.

Q: What are the benefits of a seed library?

A: Preserving genetic diversity in seeds, creating locally resilient plants, building community,

encouraging gardening, supporting family togetherness, teaching seed saving techniques,

promoting healthy eating, and being active outdoors.

Q: Is this FREE?

A: Yes, but donations to defray costs are welcome. Every small donation makes a difference.

Q: Who can borrow seeds?

A: Anyone can borrow seeds from the Community Seed Connection. Children must be

accompanied by an adult. You do not need to have a Chester County Library System card,

although we would love to give you one!

Q: Must I register to borrow seeds?

A: We are asking borrowers to register so we can keep an accurate account of how many

people utilize the Community Seed Connection, and what their response to it is.

Q: What do you mean “borrow” seeds? How can I do that if I plant them?

A: Plant the seeds and learn how to save seeds from those plants. There are resources

available in the Community Seed Connection binder. At the end of the season, you return

seeds from the healthiest and tastiest plants.

Q: How many seeds can I borrow?

A: You may borrow as many packets of seeds as you think you will use this season. Seed

amounts vary per packet. Most will contain 4 to 10 seeds, or a pinch if seeds are very small.

Q: What time is the Community Seed Connection open?

A: It is open during regular library hours, if there is no program taking place in the Dave Bishop

Community Room. Call or check the online calendar.

Q: Are all the seeds guaranteed to grow?

A: No. There is no guarantee. All the seeds were donated from organic seed companies’ left-

over stock, and community members. All seeds are subject to seed saving techniques and

general plant health. Furthermore, the library will steward the collection to the best of its

ability to improve the chances of viability.

Q: Do I have to bring seeds back to participate?

A: No, but bringing seeds back helps the library to be sustainable. If you cannot return seeds,

please consider donating 1 or 2 packs of open-pollinated, non-GMO, non-hybrid seeds. Check the seed packet for this information.

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