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Juggling Workshop

This past Thursday, Miss Susie ran an all-day juggling workshop, and it was a great success! The day was a mix of juggling lessons and hand-eye coordination games with a pizza lunch

provided by the library in the middle.

Miss Susie started everyone off with juggling one tennis ball until they were ready to move to

two. Later on, some kids made the jump to practicing with three balls while others opted to

practice juggling with scarves. Everyone moved at their own pace and made great improvements by the time the day was done.

The games during the program included “Who’s the Leader?”, cornhole, and keep the balloon in the air. The kids put on a spectacular juggling performance for their parents at 2:30, and every kid got to leave with 3 tennis balls to continue practicing their juggling at home.

We really enjoyed putting on the program, and we hope everyone who came had a great

time too! Hopefully we’ll be able to do more long programs like this in the future!

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