Summer Learning Club

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Stop by the Chester Springs Library to sign up and receive your folder and calendar. Read for at least 20 minutes in a day OR complete one of the alternate activities. Place a sticker on the calendar square for that day. On the back of the calendar, write the titles of the books you read and the activities you complete. You may do an activity more than once. At the end of each week, come to the Library with your reading calendar and tell us about one of the books you read or activities you completed. If you have 5 days that week with a sticker, you will be able to choose a prize. The Summer Learning Club is for children of all ages and runs from Monday, June 18 until Sunday, August 19.

Workshop, camp and pop-up event information for the Libraries Rock! Summer Learning Program at Chester Springs Library can be found on the library’s website.

Activities (You may do an activity more than once.)

  • Read for at least 20 minutes or have a family member, neighbor or friend read to you
  • Learn a fact about a historical building in your town or neighborhood
  • Read with a stuffed animal or pet, or even a pet rock
  • Listen to a new kind of music
  • Read outside in a park
  • Visit a different library
  • Make/eat food from another country
  • Learn a song and sing it to the librarian
  • Read a nonfiction book
  • Play a board game
  • Read in the dark with a flashlight
  • Read in a tent or under a blanket
  • Make a picnic and eat it in a park you’ve never visited before
  • Decorate a rock and place it in a garden
  • Learn about a musical instrument
  • Read under an umbrella or under a tree
  • Do a jigsaw puzzle
  • Create your own home book nook
  • Find a fun fact about rocks or minerals
  • Check out and listen to an audiobook from the library
  • Find a constellation or the International Space Station in the night sky.
  • Read a book about birds and make a bird or butterfly house; Feed the birds
  • Make and give a kindness rock
  • Complete the “Women in Science” word search. Look for it on the Summer Learning Club bulletin board.
  • Read a book from BookFlix – Find it on the library website.
  • Learn how to look up a book in the library catalogue
  • Use an on-line resource from the library to answer a question
  • Listen to your parent’s favorite high school music
  • Attend a library program – attend more than one!
  • Read to your brother/sister/neighbor/friend
  • Read in an unusual place (waterless!)
  • Plan a family or friends’ board game night
  • Read at the library
  • Read a genre you’ve never read before
  • Design a book cover for your favorite book
  • Find a fun fact about your birthstone
  • Design a tee-shirt for your favorite book character
  • Read a scary story or mystery
  • Read a science book
  • Check out a cookbook from the library, read a recipe, and make something for your family
  • Tell the librarian a joke
  • Walk a trail
  • Interview a grandparent about their favorite childhood book
  • Put a book in a Little Free Library (They are located around Chester County parks.)
  • Make a new friend


For a printable copy of the 2018 Summer Learning Club Activities,

please click here!