Tuesday March 20th at 10:30 AM The Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania

They’re coming back,
are you ready?


Please join us on Tuesday March 20th at 10:30 AM for an informational presentation about the Eastern Bluebird.  The engaging presentation features background information on the life of the Eastern Bluebird,  how to attract Bluebirds to your backyard, and how to make them permanent residents.

Topics that will be covered during the presentation include:

From nest to fledging

Selecting the best nest box, and monitoring it

Preventing sparrow infestations or other predators

Planting for Bluebirds

Wintering Bluebird’s needs


Presenter Nancy Fraim is the Chester County Co-Coordinator for the Bluebird Society of PA.  Mrs. Fraim is a retired Downingtown Teacher. Also in attendance will be Marilyn Michalski, who is the Chester County Co-Coordinator for the Bluebird Society.  Mrs. Michalski is an expert in plantings and box building.

Please register for this environmental program using
the library’s online registration system.