Offering young children and their adults Wee Build for special hands-on learning!

Chester Springs Library received a grant from The Office of Commonwealth Libraries to provide building materials for young children and their adults through the Cruise into Kindergarten program. Building materials offer children an almost infinite variety of opportunities to express themselves, from constructing simple designs to veritable engineering feats of bridge building.


Playing is no idle pastime. In fact, research shows that play is shown to help children develop these skills: social-emotional (cooperation, self-confidence, initiative); physical development (eye-hand coordination, hand manipulation); mathematics (shape, classification, order, size, space); science (gravity, weight, balance, trial and error); language arts (exchange of ideas and telling  stories about what they are building); and art (patterns, symmetry).


There are more than a dozen different sets of materials children can use to build.  They are only limited by their imaginations!


Stop into the Library and start building!